Right now the Hiphop world its on the edge of its seat waiting on the first person to respond with a diss record aimed at Kendrick Lamar. In my opinon this is the greatest thing that has happended to HipHop in 10 years!!! Finally we got somebody who wants to be considered the best & not just get along with everybody else. Its not a diss but he wants to decolare victory right now. This is the opportunty to get back to making real music so fans can have something to look forward to.

"Ya’ll new NY rappers ready to stop rapping like ya’ll from down south yet?"-Talib Kweli

"You my nigga 4 life but you gone learn today"- Joe Budden

"I hear you loud & clear my nigga"- Pusha T

"Is anybody studio open yet"- Fabolous

"This is Gladiator Shit, gotta give the people what they want"- Big KRIT

We all should be thanking Kendrick Lamar because he issued a global challenge to the “Best” in the game & hopefully they respond with great music.

On a side note………

Big Sean killed his verse as well. Dont sleep on the Hall Of Fame album. If this is whats to come than im excited about his Sophomore offering.

Derrick McKinney-CEO/Founder

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